After The Plan Comes The Execution!

After spending time with the BP Expert Views blog a couple of weeks ago, it allowed me to think differently about how to put my business plan together. William Sahlam and Michael Porter were featured in this blog, and they both taught me that investors are looking for the basics when deciding whether or not to help fund your project. While putting together the different parts of my business plan this month, I tried to keep this in mind by making sure not to introduce any new high-level ideas throughout it. I made sure to re-iterate the purpose and goals of Moguls in the Making, and always tied them back to whatever topic I was explaining at the time. I think this will help to keep the investor focused on only a few main things and not get confused with too many small details. I was sure to address all of the necessary topics, but did it in such a way to not distract the reader.

The sections that I feel are most important to the investor are the Industry Analysis, Market Description, and Management and Organization. The Industry Analysis is important because it allows to investor to see whether or not the industry as a whole is capable of producing results for a new business entering into it. It allows the investor to see how well other businesses within that particular industry are doing. The Market Description allows the investor to see how well potential clients will accept the products and/or services of the new business. This allows the investor to make a direct correlation to how successful sales will be. Finally, the Management and Organization is important because it shows whether or not the management team is qualified and capable of directing and managing the business.

When fine-tuning your business plan, make sure to provide a clear and consistent theme throughout it. Also, make sure to figure out which sections you feel are most important and make them your best. Become comfortable with them so that you can express your passion about your business to potential investors through the sections that you know best.

Good Luck!

~*Love, Peace, & Radio*~


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