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Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

We all know that the use of the internet and other digital resources is extremely important within the entertainment industry, but the increase in technology for research has proven that digital marketing is also very important for non-profit organizations.

Google AdWords
The use of Google AdWords is very useful for non-profits. Google AdWords allows the name of your organization and a link to your website to be listed under the “sponsored links” section of the search page. This is important because it allows your business and information to pop up first. As a non-profit it is important to gain as many followers and advocates as possible in order to raise funds to keep your business thriving. In the case of Moguls in the Making, I would use key words like youth, entertainment, career, and mentor. These words are most important because they, in a nutshell, describe what I am aiming to accomplish throughout the duration of the existence of Moguls in the Making. Take a look at

it allows you to get a better understanding of why digital marketing makes so much sense for a non-profit organization. It is sometimes hard to understand why non-profits even need money, hence the name “non-profit” but through fundraising and donations they are able to thrive.

Google Grants
Another thing I learned about on this site was about Google Grants. This is a program that non-profit organizations apply to in order to receive a free subscription to Google AdWords. This allows for absolutely free marketing if your organization is chosen to participate: 100% return on investment. No matter what type of business you are deciding to open it is always important to market it. People need to know you exist, and for any business the more people that know about you the better!

Happy Marketing!

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