Online Marketing...Where Do You Start?!?

I realized the other day that I am very close to being done with my coursework at Full Sail University. I can't believe this year has gone by so fast. I have learned about so much throughout my studies, and how fitting is it that my last class is tailored towards learning about how to market your company through the internet. Going online and researching different companies and their product offerings is quickly becoming the norm. According to the Business Opportunities Weblog Network, about 58% of people do online research before purchasing a particular product, up from 49% in 2004. These numbers prove that people rely on the internet much more to gain information about consumer products and services. This piece of information is great for people starting up business that are only online based, or for people that are going to rely heavily on the internet to market the product or services they will be offering.

Some of the things that I have learned throughout this course that will help to ensure that your internet marketing will be successful is the following:
• Keep your website, blog, social networks, etc updated frequently
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO) workds off of how often websites are updated. The more you update your website, the better chance you have at being at the top of a search engine list
• Use specific keywords and key phrases throughout your website, blog, social networks, etc.
o Making sure that you are using keywords and key phrases that relate to your product or service offerings often enough (but not too often), will also help you get to the top of a search list

These of course are not the only things that you should be doing to optimize the effectiveness of your website, but they are great starting points. If you are interested in learning more just do a quick google search! While you are learning more about how to market your business on the web make sure to pay attention to the website you are learning from. How exactly are they teaching you? Do you see any trends? How easy to read is the website? What about the layout?
Take some of the positives and apply it to your own site!

~*Peace, Love, and Radio*~


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